Paper This Town: How to Be The Boss of Collage, Mixed Media, and More

Paper This Town: How to Be The Boss of Collage, Mixed Media, and More


**This is a 6-week course. Your registration fee includes 1 class per week for 6 weeks**

[Fall Quarter / Term II] 10/21/19 – 11/29/19
[Sundays] 12:00PM – 2:00PM

Students will experience this eclectic, fun, and collaborative art form in a very hands-on way; they will take home several functional/stand-alone art pieces by the end of the course. As part of their collage and crafting process, students will also learn techniques to more clearly discern their inner aesthetic, as well as gain confidence in expressing their individual artistic flair.

Students can sift through and select from a treasure trove of found objects, craft drawer detritus, cut papers, textiles, metals, gems, memorabilia & mementos to use in their creations. After an initial class overview of collage/mixed media and paper-crafting within a historical and contemporary art context, as well as a quick look at representation in social media and pop culture of today – class time will consist of both structured in-class exercises and assignments as well as small group/individual time for students to create the pieces that excite them while experimenting with which colors, shapes, textures layers and placements most resonate with their inner artiste.

We will have a class gallery walk on the last day of class. No pre-requisites in collage or crafting necessary – only requirement is that students come ready to engage and dress to mess!

Materials Fee: 

Materials fee required for this class is $30.00 per student. Fee covers use of consumables and embellishments for series of projects that student will create & use during class. Instructor will purchase class materials ahead of time; students will reimburse via check/cash on first day of class. Shared tools such as craft matts, Exacto knives, paper cutter, and scissors etc. will be provided by instructor for use during class. Fee breakdown as follows:

  • $9.00 for art board panels, mixed media paper, collage specialty paper, adhesives + foam brushes
  • $10.00 for use of bulk embellishments + assemblage materials (gems, fabrics, metals, scraps, etc.)
  • $11.00 for paperboard project (students will select 1-2 surfaces for larger functional project)


Teacher Bio: Julianne Hakke

A life-long lover of the arts & creating art, Julianne Hake is a published poet, mom of two middle schoolers, emerging mixed media artist, and paper crafter. She enjoys immersing herself in the colorful jumble of everyday life to listen, interpret and reflect it all back through her own inventive lens. With a background in sales and marketing, a BA in Creative Writing, and many years of group leadership experience, Julianne has a passion for connecting with people and a delight in all things whimsical/quirky. She is excited to delve into the collage and crafting process with students who want to explore their creative curiosity and gain confidence in expressing their inner artiste. Julianne is currently having fun with several artistic projects of her own that include acrylic paint on wood, collage quilts, and up-cycling book jackets into functional household goods.

Venue: Stoup Brewing
1108 NW 52nd St, Seattle, WA 98107

Event Details

Day 1: October 27, 2019

Day 2: November 03, 2019

Day 3: November 10, 2019

Day 4: November 17, 2019

Day 5: November 24, 2019

Day 6: December 01, 2019

Start time: 12:00 p.m.

End time: 02:00 p.m.

Venue: Stoup Brewing