Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons


**This is a 6-week course. Your registration fee includes 1 class per week for 6 weeks**

[Fall Quarter / Term I] 9/9/19 – 10/20/19
[Wednesdays] 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Have you ever watched Stranger Things, Big Bang Theory, Community, or IT Crowd and wondered if Dungeons and Dragons is fun? Are you a fan of Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, 20 Sided Stories, or other podcasts and have been wanting to try to get into Dungeons and Dragons? This course is for you! This course will introduce you to Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition and role playing, will teach you how to make your own Level 1 character; you will finally get to play a One-Shot with some very special guests!

Materials Fee: $15 payable via cash or check on the first day of class

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Teacher Bio: Paul Gerrish

I am Paul (he/him). I am an enthusiast in the hobby of Table Top Gaming and Table Top Role Playing Games! I am a Podcaster, a Dungeon Master, and a Player of many games including: Dungeons and Dragons, Legends of the Five Rings, Apocalypse/Dungeon World, and many more! The Podcast I run is called Tales of Swordfall; it is an LGBT+, character driven narrative in a world which the players and I make up as we go along. I am always excited to spread the word about Dungeons and Dragons and other Table Top Role Playing Games to other people because everyone can play!

Venue: 20 Corners Brewing
14148 NE 190th St A, Woodinville, WA 98072

Event Details

Day 1: September 11, 2019

Day 2: September 18, 2019

Day 3: September 25, 2019

Day 4: October 02, 2019

Day 5: October 09, 2019

Day 6: October 16, 2019

Start time: 06:30 p.m.

End time: 08:30 p.m.

Venue: 20 Corners Brewing